About Alex Hooper, Artist and Illustrator

Alex Hooper has been creating, drawing and painting since she was able to hold a pencil and brush.

Over the years she has refined and improved her skills to make it the recognisable style seen today. Traditionally trained, she has completed a Diploma in Advanced Fine Art life before taking a detour into working with Children and Young people in various guises - Artwork being more of a hobby at this point. Whilst juggling a family with a full-time job in Social Care, she has been putting pen to graphics tablet and rapidly learnt how to create stunning images (not only on paper and canvas) onto a computer screen. In between all this she has also found the time to take commissions to paint shop walls with murals and do paintings of professional standards upon request for friends and acquaintances.

Having always been creative and imaginative, Alex found herself drawn to fantasy as her preferred genre, falling in love with the wild and varied magical worlds you only read about in books or see in films. This led her to her current artwork and into Live-roleplaying, where she has done many portraits of characters for people as individual commissions as well as illustrating many memorable character depictions and images for the rulebook of the Steampunk LARP system of Steampunk Things. Alex has also done many character designs and portraits for fans and gamers of such MMORPG's as World of Warcraft, Everquest and Dungeons and Dragons. This includes competition entries which has won her some limited edition prizes from the games producers.

Most recently she has been commissioned to create artwork and promotional images for an up and coming game for a popular Social Networking site.